EFT sessions to combat fear and anxiety, habits, trauma, pain and relationship problems.

​​ Eden Energy Medicine sessions to bring about increased vitality, a strengthened immune system and general well being. Valerie will show you how to keep your energies humming so that you can be the best possible you.

​​​​​​​​​​​​ Welcome to  SolisTherapies!   

Valerie Solis has worked in the field of complementary therapies as a full time practitioner since the year 2000 and is passionate about her work.

She is a certified  Practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Touch for Health Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy,  Reiki,  Reflexology,  and Holistic Aromatherapy massage.  


Valerie is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a certified EFT Master Trainer with  and runs EFT International (formerly AAMET) accredited courses in EFT as well as Reiki courses throughout the year.

Information about her courses can be found on the EFT and Reiki Courses pages.

She  works intuitively and uses an integrative approach to therapy often combining different healing techniques in one session to address physical and emotional pain, traumatic memories, habits, limiting beliefs, feeling stuck in life, stress related issues. and so much more. 

Sessions with Valerie will help you think clearer, feel better, more balanced, more resilient, more powerful, more joyful and connected with the miracle of life.

She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and would love to share some of the amazing self-empowering tools she has learnt over the years with you!



 EFT courses accredited by EFT International (formerly known as AAMET International)

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